MCT Activities in April 2023

Another very tall limb down on April 29, cut to fall due south this time instead of north. Just two more to get down. Lesley Abbott did a great job of disposing of the off cuts. Malcolm also cut down some interlocking high branches and rambler rose branches from the top of the tree to facilitate cutting down the last two sections tomorrow. Thanks to Louise for taking the photo.

After a very successful and enjoyable AGM on April 24th, Malcolm, Louise, Lesley and Paul were back out on Mayfields on April 25th felling another 3 limbs of the problem willows.

We have started to reduce some large goat willows too close to a couple of Goodwood Grove houses at the south end of the site. They may start to cause problems if roots grow into adjacent gardens. It’s best to do this before the trees grow too large. Meanwhile it was good to see the wild primroses we’ve established on the adjacent bund starting to grow well.

Fine morning on April 11 after a lot of rainfall overnight. Fine for Kathryn and Malcolm to do a useful hour’s mowing east of the main path around the young trees.

April has started with a series of routine jobs. The mowing/strimming season has finally started with strimming between the Nelsons Lane gate and the play park along with trimming back rose overhang on April 2nd by Malcolm. Meanwhile Alan Marsden has been working hard to keep the composting area safe and tidy at the other end of Mayfields.

We keep the grass short around the fence posts to help with their long-term survival (to allow wood preservative treatment at the post bases).

We do our best to maintain the composting area in a safe and tidy condition. Alan did a great job here at the end of March.