Mayfields Community Trust was set up in July 2012 with a view to improving the management of the Mayfields open space in York for the benefit of residents and local biodiversity and wildlife.  The Trust prepared a detailed management plan that involved widespread public consultation and was submitted to the City of York Council.  In August 2013 the Council decided that MCT should be given the opportunity to look after the part of the site to the North of Nelsons Lane initially for 18 months.  Then in March 2016 they gave us a licence to manage the site for 3 more years.  The Trust has up to 15 trustees, appointed to ensure that the trust has all the expertise needed to achieve all the objectives of its management plan.  It has 65 members, most of whom have renewed their £5 annual subscription for 2018.  All our work is done on a voluntary basis (no-one is paid), so membership subscriptions are a great asset to help with our running costs.   CYC are keen to encourage collaboration between MCT and YNET and local fisheremen, who currently will look after the other half of the site and the old Railway Pond; MCT are keen to see the pond and surrounding area well managed.

MCT is now a member of the Conservation Volunteers and the relevant activities of its members on the site are covered by insurance arranged through B-TCV.

If you would like to be involved in the management of this important urban green space in York, please contact us telling us about your interests.

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