Birds at Mayfield

In response to a suggestion at the 2014 open meeting, we have added a “Birds at Mayfield” photographs page to the web site.  They are a bit camera shy, but one of our local robins posed happily for Mike in the attached photo while we were trimming brambles and nettles behind the eastern woodland beside the meadow.


The many magpies on the site tend to be a bit more camera shy than our friendly robin, but we did manage to catch this one in October 2014.  Some later shots are taken in an adjacent garden.

Pigeon on Nest JUly 2015

Pigeon on nest in pollarded willow, July 2015.

It’s easier to catch nests sometimes, but they too are often well hidden! We’re not sure who occupied this one though.


Abandoned nest in September 2014.

Long-tailed tit and Great tit feeding in adjacent garden during RSPB survey in January 2015.  There appear to be a large number of great tits on the site at that time.

 Long tailed tit Great tit


Sparrow (flew down to adjacent garden looking for food!) October 2014.


Female blackbird looking for worms, October 2014.

Pigeon Oct 2014

Pigeon on adjacent garden fence (October 2014).

 Robin Oct 2014

Robin on rose twig, October 2014.

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