MCT Volunteers

MCT holds volunteer sessions.  New comers are always welcome and it’s easy to find us on the site.

Our regular Sunday volunteer sessions usually run from 11 in the morning for an hour or 2. Look at our Facebook page for updates if you’d like to help and have an hour or so to spare.  Volunteers are always very welcome. The photo below shows one of our volunteer groups in 2015.


It was nice to see the Field-work Co-ordinator’s letter about why we volunteer to work on the Mayfields Public Open Space published (at least in part!) in the October 2015 issue of Gardeners World.  If you’re not impressed by the letter the Autumn hues photos elsewhere in the issue are spectacular!

img024 - Copy

We also get help from groups of up to 10 volunteers at a time from GoodGym, York.

October 30 (14)

GoodGym and Kathryn Crozier  in November 2021 after cutting the meadow.

On Saturday the 8th November, 2014 eight volunteers set up the first of 2 information boards about the Mayfields Public Open Space near the gate at Nelsons Lane.  Pam’s photos show Steve Cinderby with Malcolm (the field work co-ordinator) (left) and Richard Kelsall, Dave Moore and Mike Ridealgh (on the right), relieved to find the posts fitted into our pre-excavated 65-cm deep holes! Dave Munley and Louise Cresser also helped with installation and Pam Brown kindly recorded the event for posterity. Thirteen turned out on April 12th in 2015 to help put up the 2nd board in even larger holes.


Installation of 1st (above) and 2nd (below) MCT information boards.


In addition to work by trustees, MCT has received valuable assistance in its field work from:

Kathryn Crozier (D of E Gold award volunteer)

Dec 12 2021 (6)

Kathryn Crozier and Mike Ridealgh in December 2021

Ethan Davies (D of E Silver award volunteer)

Holly Kelsall (D of E Bronze Volunteer)

Ben Satterthwaite (D of E Bronze volunteer)

Joy Satterthwaite

Tim Shepherd

Stephen Turnbull (local resident)

Mark Tyszka

Adam Cousins (Askham Bryan student)

Ellie Umpleby

Tina Smith (local resident)

Harriet Thompson (local resident)

Claire Thompson (local resident)

Ben Kelsall (local resident)

Charlotte Kelsall (Local resident working for DoE award)

Janet Wong (Working for DoE award)

Lena Jeha (PhD student & York Resident)

Luke Burnett (Local young resident)

Douglas Blackwood (Local young resident)

Julie Brown (Local resident)

Lucy Brown (Local young resident)


Lucy Brown and Millie Brown helping the field work co-ordinator adding  extra  wild  flower species on the meadow.

Lesley Abbott (Local resident & MCT member)


                                   Lesley caught on camera by Pam Brown while helping                               clear the area beside the childrens’playground.

Pam Brown (Local Resident & MCT member & photographer)

Millie Brown (Local young resident)

Andrew Brown (local visitor/York resident)

Paul Abbott (Local Resident & MCT member)

Laura Cresser (Former local resident & occasional visitor)

Adam Finlay (Occasional visitor)

Adam Cresser (Former local resident & occasional visitor)

David Moore (Local resident; MCT Trustee; expert on woodland management)

Pam Moore (Occasional site visitor & MCT member)

Steve Cinderby (Local Resident)

Debbie Cinderby (Local Resident)

Chris Wright (occasional visitor from Aberdeen, now sadly deceased)

George and Pamela Wood (Local residents)

Claire Neill (ES student, U. of York)

Ramu Rajendran (ES student, U. of York)

Tom Holmes (PhD stdent, U. of York)

Vishnu Kumar (ES student, U. of York)

Roy Parkinson (Local resident)

Paul Coxon (Local Resident)

Naomi Starr (ES student, U. of York)

Sam Turner (ES student, U. of York)

Richard Kelsall (Local Resident)

Yu Feng Ten (Chem. student, U. of York)

Ghee Ken Khoo (PPE student, U. of York)

Rebecca Sutton (U. of York)

Leonard Kinder (expert on tree management)

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