MCT Activities in January & February 2021

On the 23rd Jan. Malcolm bought 10 bags of gravel to create a dry strip for walkers on either side of the main path. He hopes this will mean less folk trample on the snowdrops beside the path. Photos below show what was done.

It was nice to see the snowdrops in the wooded area away from the path were doing well on January 22nd. Sadly though the combination of social distancing and prolonged rain has resulted in hundreds being damaged badly by trampling on either side of the main path at the Little Hob Moor end.

We were disappointed to see the felling of may trees and shrubs immediately adjacent to the northern end on the site managed by MCT, east of the path. This is behind the 20-23 Hob Moor Terrace homes in an area leased to No 22. Sadly, apparently the adjacent home owners were not given a chance to object.