MCT Activities in September 2021

A useful session on 23rd September prior to the Zoom Meeting later at 7.30 p.m. about climate change impacts on Mayfields. As well as trimming some shrubs growing over path edges Malcolm and Mike felled another of the trees on the bund suffering from being too close to other trees and contributing to the on-going drought stress problem on Mayfields.

An excellent session as part of York Environment Week on September 19th when 16 people participated in a tour of Mayfields North to assess worrying damage to trees cased by climate change and rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. Thanks to Pam Brown for the photos.

Malcolm and Kathryn spent an hour on Sunday September 12 weeding out some of the brambles etc. from the recently planted shrub restoration area.

On Saturday morning Malcolm managed to trim back a massively over-grown rose, ivy and an adjacent hawthorn that were depleting soil moisture and nutrients available to a a nioe oak tree growing alongside Nelsons Lane.

Hard pruning of a largely dead rose besxide the playground to allow safer entry to the grass area.
We removed more overhanging and dead rose and hawthorn by the informal path down to Nelsons Lane.