MCT Activities in July & August

We plan to do some more trimming on the meadow on August 20th 2017, starting to get it ready for winter use and helping maintain a very diverse wild flower population.

Meanwhile here are a few shots by Adam Ridgeon-Cousins taken at our Thursday volunteer session on August 17th, giving examples of what we work for on Mayfields apart from people. We hold volunteer sessions on Sunday afternoons, starting at 14.00.  Do come and join us for an hour or two if you’d like to help keep Mayfields north of Nelsons Lane beautiful.

Regular site users may have noticed that in July we have started reducing the number of Crack Willow branches that were starting to overshadow the young trees MCT planted beside the path at the Little Hob Moor end.  These were planted over the last 2 – 3 years.  We’ve also been shortening the grass there and taking cuttings off for composting to help reduce soil fertility.  This also makes more water available to the young trees.

On July 13th 2017 there were literally dozens of butterfliles, moths and bees on the wild flower meadow.  Mike Ridealgh caught a few on camera including a six-spot burnet, a ringlet, a gatekeeper and a shaded broad-bar (see below).

Mike also caught on camera a 7-spot ladybird, a common soldier beetle and a froghopper.