MCT Activities in November & December 2017

All are welcome to our Annual General Meeting at Dringhouses Library at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 9th January 2018.  It will end with a short film showing what we have been doing (and why) over the past 15 months.

At our last volunteer session of 2017 on December 14th, Adam Mike, Dave and Malcolm sprinkled gravel on the path behind Goodwood Grove Houses where it was getting a bit muddy.  They also cleared away soil that had been dumped around one of the vents.

A useful volunteer session on Thursday 7th December.  Ellie, Adam, Mike, Dave and Malcolm trimmed back encroaching brambles, self-sown hawthorns, dogwoods and roses alongside Nelsons Lane.


At our Sunday volunteer session on November 26th we cut down the suspended top of a tree that had snapped in the wind and Ellie added it to the dead hedge.  Later we trimmed hazels beside the main path and removed one of 3 Field Maples all growing within  1 square metre, to give the remaining 2 more space to develop.

In the 3rd week of November we planted a few hundred more English bluebells on the site, after first weeding out a lot of ground elder to reduce competition.  We also collected a lot of fallen leaves from the path and grass verges/banks and transferred them to our leaf-mould container.

We do a lot of leaf clearing from path and grass verges in November, to prevent the formation of a muddy path when wet leaves get trampled in and cycled over. Photo below is the path after clearing on November 19th at the LIttle Hob Moor end.

We thought you might like this shot showing some of the Autumn colour  on the Mayfields trees in the early evening on November 1st behind a house in Goodwood Grove.

We were delighted to be able to finish cutting the meadow on November 1st to get it ready for winter.  We have taken off a lot of grass for composting elsewhere on the site to help keep soil fertility low.