MCT Activities in September 2022

We mowed the area around the young trees beside the path to the railway underpass on September 29th as part of our scheme to maintain diverse habitats across Mayfields.

Only took just over an hour to do this job.

Malcolm and Louise added more logs and gravel to hel delineate the path edge on 27 September.

One of the jobs done by MCT at least twice a year is trimming the vegetation growing through the fence into the playground. Mike and Malcolm had a 2-hour session on this on September 22nd. It is important to remove thorny and prickly material.

Malcolm raking up the final traces at the end.
Mike making a start on the west side at the Nelsons Lane end

By September 18th we had finished trimming the dead vegetation on the meadow (via a series of 1 or 2-hour strimming and raking sessions by Malcolm, Mike and Kathryn). Sabrina and her friend Joey joined Mariella, Alek, Malcolm and Louise on the 18th to help mow around the outside of the meadow and collect up all the cut vegetation for composting.

Joey soon mastered the battery mower.
Sabrina used secateurs to cut the tougher dried stems.
Mariella and Malcolm hard at work raking up dried offcuts.

Alek with a very full bag to take to the compost area.

September 1st started with more trimming of mainly knapweed and grass on the meadow by Mike, Kathryn and Malcolm. Earlier than expected this as a consequence of trying to deal with droughty weather in York and listening to the local weather forecast for 3rd and 4th September.

Mike and Kathryn using a mix of secateur work and mowing.

Kathryn cutting one of the self-sown encroaching roses back to ground level.