MCT November Activities

Introduction:  MCT are committed to the care of the Mayfields area, especially to the north of Nelsons Lane, for the benefit of the community and wildlife and the landscape.  If you can spare just a few hours a month to help us as a volunteer, we’d love to hear from you.  Details are on our contacts page.

We finished clearing most of the patch of land immediately adjacent to the fence along Nelsons Lane and hope soon to replace missing timber and treat the fence with preservative (depending upon the weather!).

The rainy days in early November helped us to identify where the puddles and muddy areas were starting to reoccur on the path as it approaches Little Hob Moor.  This section, like that near the gate, had been a real problem over recent years. A lot of effort has therefore been directed at scraping back mud and grass to restore the path in that area back to its original width (over recent years the width there had halved!).  This also helps with drainage.  We have cut back an Elder on the east side, which, unfortunately, was overlapping the path excessively and posed a risk to taller users in the dark, and have started to remove some of the overhanging branches and the dead wood and trim the willows to the east of the path. We’ve been very encouraged by positive comments from walkers (with and without dogs or pushchairs), cyclists and joggers, and especially by the little lad out with his dad who said he wants to help when he’s a bit bigger!