MCT Activities in September and October

On October 28th we put up a display showing the sort of jobs MCT volunteers do throughout the year on one of our two information boards.  Photo shows the MCT secretary, Louise, topping up the box containing Membership application/renewal forms.

Getting the meadow ready for winter is now more or less complete (on October 21, 2017).  We used scythes this year for the first time and now have 3 for future use.  We’ll be having a volunteer session at 2 p.m. on Sunday 22nd, working down near the gate.  MCT would really welcome any extra help if you can spare an hour and care about Mayfields.

On October 11th we managed to work on the meadow for 3 h between showers.  We’re starting to make sure grass won’t be too short for winter use by dog walkers etc. and will be an attractive green sward.

We trim around patches of vegetation still in flower though.  We’d welcome any help from volunteers for an hour or so from 2 O’Clock on Sunday15th to complete the task if weather is fine as forecast.

As usual in Autumn we’re doing a bit of pruning (avoiding nests), keeping verges mowed, and starting to clear leaves from the path so they don’t turn to mud when trampled in.  Volunteers are particularly welcome at this busy time of year so please contact us or look at our Facebook page.