MCT Activities in November 2021

Leaf-fall has been very heavy and prolonged in Autumn of 2021. The session on November 22nd was about number 8 already, but another useful 2 hours to minimize future mud formation on the main path over winter.

Just 2 hours made a big difference as the photo below shows!

Malcolm and Kathryn finished mowing the wildflower meadow and turned their attention to clearing leaves from the main path and mowing verges. On Sunday 14th though they felled one of the 4 limbs of the Alder which was struggling for water earlier this year beside the playground on Nelsons Lane.

Great to have 7 members of GoodGym helping Malcolm, Louise, Kathryn and Lesley on November 6. They trimmed the final corner of the meadow and reduced the overgrown Dogwoods west of the main path.

Another 2 hours on November 5 was enough to finish the SE corner of the meadow.

Lovely day for more work on the Meadow on November 4th. Malcolm did another 2 hours of trimming grass, joining up the patches cut on October 30th by our good friends from GoodGym. He even managed to clear leaves off the path for an hour too to keep mud development there under control.