MCT Activities in November & December 2020

A new venture for MCT on December 10th.  7 of our good friends from GoodGym came out at 6.30 in the evening to help Malcolm & Louise scrape muddy leaf litter from the path.  This makes the path lighter and safer and reduces the rate of grass encroachment from the verges.  The work went really well, all done by the light of headlamps.

Many thanks to GoodGYm (even for the second photo).

A beautiful afternoon on Mayfields on December 1st 2020.  Malcolm weeded out encroaching grass and mud from the path near one of the MCT information boards before it became too deeply rooted.  Mike Ridealgh dug up some more stones/boulders that had been a problem to mowers and added them to the base of the repaired dead hedge/habitat wood pile.

A photo of the rebuilt dead hedge on 25th November 2020.  We also moved the adjacent mini-dead hedge back by about 30 cm to make it easier to turn in with the trolley.

Mainly leaf clearing from path and verges on November 14th.  But Malcolm also managed to add a few more branches to the dead hedge he’s been repairing with Mike Ridealgh and Lesley Abbott. A solos lock-down session on Saturday, hence the selfie.

Before and after shots above.  You can do a lot in an hour and a half.

Still a bit more to do to the rear of the dead hedge, but it’s now already strong, safe, and a doubling as a useful habitat pile.

MCT is very grateful to Paul & Vanita for the donation of 7 excellent turfs to help improve the eastern edge of the path at the north end.  This will greatly facilitate safe social distancing,

Also on November 7th Lesley and Malcolm did some more work on the dead hedge restoration.  More to do but getting a lot stronger as the work progresses.  A bit slow as we can’t have our normal volunteer groups during lock-down.

You can see above (compared with earlier photos below) we have added a rear row of stronger posts.  Eventually this will double as a habitat pile.

Since the start of November we have been busy rebuilding the dead hedge section that someone had badly damaged while illegally dumping garden waste in the composting area.  Mike, Lesley and Malcolm have been making good progress though there is more to do.  Photos were taken on November 5, 2020.