MCT Activities in July & August

The drought is becoming a potentially serious problem for some of the trees, especially the birches.  We have been busy reducing competition from dogwoods, roses and Guelder roses by heavy pruning.  The hope is that this will reduce water stress for trees we want to save.  We have also been watering soil under the stressed trees heavily to the best of our ability.


Our 3 Duke of Edinburgh Sunday volunteers, Ben, Holly and Ethan, were a great help throughout June, especially with helping on the area reseeded with grass and wildflowers which needed regular daily watering.  On July 1st it is starting to green up in patches. Many thanks too to Adam and Ellie and Lesley and Paul for all their help and also to Pam and Louise.  Our main problem at the start of July is the impact of the extended period of drought.

The un-shaded grass verges beside the main path are in poor condition and, after another week of predicted hot dry weather, will take a few weeks to recover.  Some deeper rooted wildflowers like Knapweed are a bit smaller than usual but surviving well.

Plants like the Foxgloves and Ox-eye Daisies are also surviving, especially in more shaded areas.