MCT Activities in May, 2022

Mike and Malcolm were out on Thursday May 26th, finishing (well almost) restoration of the width of the path to the underpass and doing some verge mowing later in the day.

On May 20th we decided that the nettles and other plants encroaching across the path to the railway underpass needed reduction to keep the path safe. It was done by hand-weeding rather than strimming to help reduce the soil fertility (and hence regrowth) at the path edges in the longer term.

Before and after shots show why the job was needed. As usual one of the local robins watched on, looking for lunch.

Mike and Malcolm did some trimming of the overgrown grass and rose between the gate and the playground on the morning of May 19. Malcolm went back in the evening and finished the job (well almost!).

Another excellent session on May 7th. Lesley mowed the tall grass in several areas while Kathryn, Mark and Malcolm trimmed back overgrown dead and living blackthorns and dogwoods starting to emerge and block the verge on the north west side of the main path.

Malcolm managed to trim the grass and Ground Elder crowding out the native English Bluebells at the northern end of the site on Thursday morning.

Kathryn and Mark Crozier with 2 of MCT’s battery mowers on Sunday, 1st May 2022.

Good to have Kathryn’s brother Mark joining us again on May 1st to help with mowing and trimming some lower over-extended oak branches beside the main path.