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telephone: 07719494481;  email:

We are particularly keen to hear from anyone who has an hour or two a month spare and would like to contribute to improving and maintaining this public open space.

6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Just drove past timber fencing end of Hob Moor/Nelson Lane..Noticed builders had dumped metal fencing over on area we cleared up end of last year(most of it builder rubbish)spoke to owner of the end house where builders have just finished and he promised to have it removed Mon and repair wooden fencing if damaged..Will keep my eye on the progress.Lesley

  2. Hi Lesley. We’ll do more trimming of trees beside the path and possibly take some of the grassy tussocks off from the meadow area. Trolley and secateurs would be useful though we’ve just purchased more sheers and secateurs.

  3. Look’s like I missed a productive session today.Have checked the Kew website and looking forward to seeing the meadow in a few months. Will be back soon.

    Paul and Lesley

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