MCT Activities in October 2022

After planting the 3rd set of Cowslips on October 27th, Mark, Mike and Malcolm did some trimming of overhanging shrub branches to give more light (and potentially water) to the adjacent Cowslips. This set had P and K added to the sub-soil just below rooting depth. In the process it also provided better growth conditions for a small Yew tree, as shown in the photo below..

On 26th Mark and Malcolm transplanted out some more Cowslips, but this time added phosphate fertilizer to the 10-15 cm of loose soil blow the pot depth. Part of our Co-op supported project is to see if we can enhance wild-flower establishment by adding P and/or K.

Mark and Malcolm transplanting Cowslips after phosphorus addition. Thanks to Louise for the photo.

On Tuesday 25th October Mark, Louise and Malcolm started work on the MCT project being supported for a year by the local Co-op Community Fund to enhance biodiversity and wild flower species on the meadow. They planted the first batch of Cowslips that they had been growing on in a local member’s garden.

More leaf removal from the main path on October 23rd


Path after 80 minutes of leaf clearing. Thanks to Louise for the photograph.

Light rain on October 21st but OK for trimming overhanging rose and brambles becoming a nuisance on this corner of the site.

17 volunteers from GoodGym came out in the dark on October 17 to help Malcolm with weeding the edge of the main path and cut up branches overhanging the side path around the meadow. Louise provided excellent refreshments after all their hard work. We were really impressed the next morning to see what a really excellent job they had done.

Beautifully edged path the morning after. Well done and thanks to GoodGym.

GoodGym volunteers working by headlamp light at 19.00 on 17th October.

MCT was sad to hear about the death of one of our members in summer of 2022. Because walking on Mayfields was one of her favourite activities her daughter asked us if she could donate a tree to commemorate her mum’s love of Mayfields. The tree arrived on the hottest day of the year when the soil was very dry so we grew it on in a tub in a garden until the weather was better for planting a tree. On October 13th Malcolm and Mike planted it out very carefully on the site.

It had an excellent rooting system and, as the photos below, show it is growing well.

A useful double session on Sunday 9th of October. Great to have Kathryn back a.m. to help Malcolm mowing round the young trees and shrubs at the north-east end of the main path. Mariella, Alex and Louise helped in the afternoon collecting leaves off of the main path before they could turn to mud later in the year.

Kathryn using our recent replacement battery mower round young trees and shrubs.

Alek using a mower to collect up and shred leaves off of one of the back paths for composting on site

Mariella raking leaves to small piles to collect up and shred with the mower.

More mowing on October 6. Mike and Malcolm mowed both sides of the Nelsons Lane fence.

Mike was very happy with the new 4 Ah battery which lasted well over an hour.

A nice sunny afternoon on 2nd October was ideal for an hour’s mowing behind Hob Moor Terrace houses.

A good opportunity for Malcolm to test a new 4 Ah battery.

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