MCT Activities in August, 2022

Good to have Sabrina joining us as a volunteer on Mayfields to work towards her DoE award. In a double session on Monday 22nd August we made a start on the Meadow’s Autumn trim and and with trimming excessive material growing through and/or over the fence into the playground.

Started with sheers and raking

A good start (after mowing at 6.6 and 4 cm.
Sabrina helping trim overhanging branches in the playground.

Malcolm spent an hour replacing a broken height adjustment rod on one of our older Mountfield Battery mowers on August 4th. At £26 for parts it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new mower and lets us keep using the older style of batteries.

Look for the shiny grey plastic (the new part).

Later that day Adam Cresser helped Malcolm for 2 hours to reduce some of the vegetation on the bund competing too successfully for water with the maturing trees we need to maintain.

The offcuts are cut up and left as a mulch.

The climate change-induced drought over most of July has had a big impact on Mayfields. Trees have responded by translocating nitrogen back to the roots from leaves resulting in brown edges to leaves and then leaf fall. This is their mechanism for reducing their evapotranspiration and water use. If it goes on for too long some trees and shrubs die, The tall grass on the meadow tends to get flattened on Mayfields. When rain was forecast for a few days we removed some of this by strimming and raking in selected areas and were please to see some of the protected wildflower species re-emerging as the areas greened up. We had an evening mowing volunteer session on 3rd August to trim back dead grass stems on some of the main path verges with the mowers set to 4 – 5 cm.

Mowing on August 3rd made good use of our new battery mower and an older one.

We’re grateful to the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward of CYC for funding the new mower.

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