MCT Activities in February 2022

Clearing up after storns like Storm Eunace takes some time and safety is one of our prime concerns. Malcolm and Mark and Louise Crozier did a good job on 2 damaged trees on Saturday 19th of February, and Alan and Malcolm tackled a few more on Sunday Feb 20.

Alan tackling a hanging branch by the path.
Because of the advanced fungal attack damaged branch and a lot more was removed.

Someone managed to knock down the main gate off Nelsons Lane on February 10th by demolishing the gate post. Malcolm and Lesley made it safe that night using chains and padlocks, Alan, Paul and Malcolm took a couple of hours in the morning on Friday 11th to support the old gate post with straight and right-angle brackets as a more secure temporary fix. Later Malcolm also gave the gate a much-needed coat of wood preservative.

The broken post.
The repair team (Alan and Paul).
A working gate again.
And finally the preservative-treated gate later that day.

A useful session on Saturday February 5th 2022. Kathryn and Malcolm trimmed the rose near the bench beside the path to stop it overhanging the path and dug out the grass encroaching onto the path where it was reducing the path width.

Before we started – photo shows rose hanging over the encroaching grass.
Job after an hour of work. Looks neater and more importantly is safer too.

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