MCT Activities in October 2021

Great to have 10 members of GoodGym helping Malcolm, Louise and Kathryn make a start on trimming the wildflower meadow on October 30th, in spite of the heavy rain. They made excellent progress.

On October 24th Kathryn and Malcolm worked at the Nelsons Lane end to make room for a potentially very attractive Oak tree. This involved felling a Cherry that was too close and some small Hawthorns and mostly dead roses.

On 25th Malcolm finally got around to cleaning one of the MCT information boards and adding a display of photos of leaves from 30 of the important tree species taken on Mayfields North in September.. Education has always been an MCT objective as well as maintenance.

Finally managed to finish pollarding the Willow. Proved quite tricky as it was rather tall but managed it safely. It should be easier to manage in future years.

Managed to avoid the rain on Wednesday 20th by going out at 9.30 a.m. and got 2 hours in starting to pollard a Grey willow. Couldn’t do it last year because of pigeon’s nest.

After a day of rain on Tuesday, on Wednesday 6th Malcolm made a start on widening the shorter grass verges around the meadow. Later he also made a start on reducing the over-grown Dogwoods west of the main path.

Looking good after clearing leaves from north end of the main path on October 3rd. Thanks Kathryn for another valuable session.

1st October was a good morning to put a new Silky professional pruning saw to good use for felling a Scots Pine in very poor condition as part of our on-going plan to reduce competition and increase water and nutrient availability for remaining trees.

A quick job with the new saw, fell exactly where planned.
Tip of the crown of the felled tree in very poor condition post drought.

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