MCT Activities in March and April 2018

We were delighted to welcome Ben Satterthwaite as a D of E volunteer on Sunday,  April 29th, and Joy (his Mum) who also stopped to help.  They worked around the Nelsons Lane gate area and on the path with Lesley, Louise and Pam while Paul and Malcolm did some mowing.

There was a volunteer session on Sunday 8th April, starting at 2.  We  moved some pruned material from behind Hobmoor Terrace houses onto the compost area.  Many thanks to Lesley, Paul, Louise and Pam for the help  and Pam Brown for the excellent photos.

  •           English wild daffodils along Nelsons Lane

Great to hear the bird song on March 5th and to see the spring wildflowers that had been protected from the harsh winds by the snow cover.

Primroses surrounded by emerging English bluebells, snowdrops and the first (hopefully of many more) wild daffodils to start coming into flower

Our first Sunday volunteer session on March 4th  was cancelled because of the weather (Pam’s photo below shows why!).  Do come and join us on Sunday 11th of March 2018 though.

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